Food Styling & Consulting

Food Styling

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Ms. Klitzberg also takes on food styling work on a freelance basis, and styles all of her photos for her website, blog, Facebook pages, and Instagram feed. And there's a difference: you could eat everything after the shooting is done; no artificial anything goes into Chef Dana's food shots. She has a professionally honed eye for food presentation and plating, color and texture, and a gift for making the delicious also look gorgeous.





Before embarking on a culinary career, blu aubergine owner Dana Klitzberg spent many years as a publicist at top New York City boutique firms. She specialized in fashion, luxury, and food & wine public relations, putting together events, parties, and runway shows at major venues for top-tier clients and celebrities. She parlayed her love of event planning into a culinary career, and after graduating from culinary school, started work in the competitive New York City restaurant world at the Manhattan outpost of Michelin-starred Ristorante San Domenico, Tony May's San Domenico NY. Dana later helmed various restaurant kitchens in Rome, Italy, where she also served as restaurant reviewer for various guidebooks since 2002. She consulted for Michelin-starred restaurants in Rome and has continued her consulting work in Manhattan.

Specialized in authentic Italian cuisine, Ms. Klitzberg has the unique ability to see a restaurant as a business from a triangular perspective: through the eyes of a customer, a chef creating great food behind the kitchen doors, and as a manager who understands the business and publicity angles that are so important to a restaurant’s survival in today’s competitive market. Klitzberg also boasts an understanding of recipe development, top-quality prime materials and how to procure them, and she is fluent in Italian. As such, blu aubergine offers consulting services on a per-project basis, working with restaurants, food companies, importers, marketing specialists, and various related businesses. Ms. Klitzberg is media trained and has made numerous television appearances, and is also available as a culinary spokesperson.