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We offer a wide variety of menus for our catered events -- from small, rustic Italian family-style meals to elevated Michelin-star-quality dining, from cozy home holiday celebrations to refined corporate business dinners. Our clients' events run the gamut, from flavorful Southeast Asian buffets to Middle Eastern mezze, memorable anniversary and birthday gatherings to baby shower brunches, from Thanksgiving feasts delivered directly to your home kitchen to festive holiday cocktail parties. Blu Aubergine always consults with clients to create a bespoke event each time -- a delicious and custom-tailored menu made for the occasion, considering seasonal availability and dietary restrictions, and dictated only by the limits of our imaginations. 

We invite you to explore the varied menus below, not as a steadfast selection, but as inspiration, and as an indication of Blu Aubergine's breadth and capabilities...

Italian-Themed Spring Feast for Easter Season

Sephardic Seder Feast

A Taste of Tuscany

Roman Holiday Dinner

Classic New York Steakhouse

Traditional Ashkenazi Seder

Beatrix Potter-Themed Baby Shower Brunch

Moroccan Vegetarian Dinner

Romantic Dinner for Two

Southeast Asian Dinner Party

African Safari-Inspired Dinner Party

Luxe Holiday Cocktail Party

Argentina's Italian Roots: Pop-Up Dinner with Hand of God wines

Japanese Themed Birthday

Brazilian Buffet

Lobster Boil and Clambake Feast

"Spirited" Dinner Party

Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes

Corporate Holiday Cocktail Party

Hanukkah Dairy Dinner

Traditional and Modern Christmas Holiday Meals