What They're Saying

What They're Saying About Us...

“Thank you again for the fabulous job you and your crew did. Everything was delicious, beautiful, personal, and professional. You were also so calm and collected during the planning. We’re so happy we found you and we’d be happy to recommend you to anyone – and the Italians all seemed quite impressed.  - B.B., New York, NY & Modica, Sicily

“…I loved it! Your food danced on my tongue, it sang in my mouth!”
— Frank McCourt, author, Angela’s Ashes

"Chef Dana and her crew were true professionals (and artists)! With 45+ guests arriving at all different times, Dana and team made sure that they were well cared for with easy-to-handle and wonderfully tasty hors d'oeuvres."  - A.R., New York, NY

Everyone is still laughing and raving about our Saturday adventure with you in New York. They really enjoyed themselves!
— A.W., Orlando, Florida

"Chef Dana and her team were FANTASTIC. She took care of every last detail, and the kitchen was spotless when she left. Dana brought two additional people to help, and they put on a flawless event. All of my guests were so impressed with the service and the food. They managed to be very present without interfering or interrupting in any way. With a cocktail party, there is a lot of coordinating to do, and Dana was amazing. She brought platters for serving and set up a gorgeous table. The food came out in three courses, and there was a ton of it. Thanks Dana!"  - C.H., New York, NY

I have to tell you that our cooking class was really one of the highlights of our trip. Thanks again for giving us a lasting memory that we can relive again and again!
— S.B., Atlanta, Georgia

"Dana exceeded every expectation we had. We were able to pull off a 40 person birthday party for my mother in less than 5 days. The food was amazing and everyone was relaxed and kept their cool even when the kitchen appliances were not working as well as they would have liked. The staff was also friendly and fun. Everyone raved about the food. It was such a great experience, I can't wait to do it again."  - S.S., New York, NY

You are a talented and gifted chef and we loved the food.
— P.F., East Hampton, NY

"This was the best dinner party I have ever given and it is all because of Dana. She put together a terrific menu and was very flexible about tweaking the dishes so we could provide options to guests with specific dietary restrictions. The food was fabulous and the portions just right. Dana also arranged for an extra server so I would not have to go back and forth to the kitchen. Her team worked together seamlessly and made everything easy for me. They also left me with a clean kitchen. The only way I knew they had been there were the scrumptious leftovers in my refrigerator. I cannot recommend Chef Klitzberg highly enough."  - A.S., New York, NY

Dana made us an amazing Mexican meal, and was fun and informative in the process. We enjoyed having her with us!
— J.F., New York, NY

"Dana is totally professional, presents an enthusiastic personality but never becomes a guest at the party. She is eager to pick up on the host's culinary tastes, and finds fresh, great tasting market ingredients to match. She is really a top notch chef, creative and friendly to boot. She has a first hand knowledge of Roman cuisine from her previous employ that totally pays off in her cooking. Can't go wrong!!"  - J.W., New York, NY

The class was fabulous! Dana was so knowledgeable about the culture and the food; the whole experience was just delightful. I learned a lot of techniques I can apply in the kitchen in general, not just to my Italian dishes.
— S.M., Chicago, Illinois

"Dana is a great chef, and easy and fun to work with. She had great menu ideas, and the food was really delicious. One of the reasons I was drawn to Dana was that she talks about using what is fresh and seasonal- and she totally did. Great job, and thanks - everyone had a great time - and it was all timed perfectly."  - T.L., New York, NY

I’d just like to say a special thank you for the evening you spent with us, catering the birthday party...it was a resounding success.
— R.B., Stockholm, Sweden

"Fantastic! Dana put together an amazing, delicious 7 course tasting. Everything we could have asked for!"  - A.K., New York, NY

The food was awesome! Chef Dana was very organized, thorough, and professional. We enjoyed our experience profoundly and would definitely recommend her to our friends!
— D.G., New York, NY

“Thank you for a fabulous dinner. I really enjoyed everything so very much."  - T.K., New York, NY